Have some extra tools cluttering your garage? Want to keep plastic pots out of the landfill? Read on!

Packaging that we can reuse

Mason jars - clean, regular mouth pints and half pints. Credit system for these coming soon!

Plastic pots - we're picky on these but are interested in larger collections of four packs and 1+ gallon pots. Willing to offer free plants in exchange for particularly useful collections. 

Egg cartons

Small things we are currently looking for and would love to buy used or happily accept as donations:

Hand tools: shovels, a broad fork, a scythe

Wheel barrows or garden carts

1" x 6" untreated lumber (for building bird boxes)

T-posts and cedar posts

Chicken wire and welded wire fencing

Five-gallon buckets

Larger things we're certainly happy to pay a fair price for

A deep, stainless steel wash sink (ideally with three bays)

A utility trailer (doesn't have to be road worthy)

If you have things to offer please send photos and details via email -