Cory, Jake, Jacqueline and Spencer started The Farm Upstream in 2021 with the hope of building a sustainable and viable farm business while protecting land, bodies, and relationships. For the past three years, they have collaboratively grown wholesale veggies on leased land throughout central Vermont while working other jobs and searching for a more permanent home. 

In September 2023 - with the help of many - the four teamed up with Tucker Andrews of Bone Mountain Farm and were able to purchase a farm in Jericho, Vermont. They are excited to set down roots and build a diverse, self-sustaining, and community-centered farm.

The Farm Upstream's name is inspired by the desire to farm with those downstream in mind - literally and figuratively. And as it turned out, the farm ended up right along the Lee River, upstream from much of Jericho and the surrounding towns. 

Bios coming soon!